How to Earn Bitcoins Through Advertisements on your Website

How to Earn Bitcoins Through Advertisements on your Website

Many of you having a website with good traffic always look for an advertising network that provides you some great money or several sites that pay you to click on a number of ads each day for cash. While some of these can be cast aside as scams or ignored as their payouts are not lucrative enough, there is a new money-making opportunity online that may prove more profitable than it seems – Bitcoin advertising. 

In this article, I will show you how to earn bitcoins through advertisements on your website.

What is Bitcoin? 

For those who know about Bitcoin or have read about it on a Cryptocurrency or Bitcoin News website, you are probably aware that the currency is volatile and may have chosen to stay clear of it. However, between January 2015 and January 2016, the value of a single BTC (Bitcoin) has soared from $177 to $447! So just why could this be a money-making opportunity aside from the obvious answer of us telling you to blindly invest in it ... It’s simple – there are now several major networks that will pay you in BTC for advertising space on your site and just to click other adverts from registered BTC Advertisers. 
A simple search in Google for Bitcoin advertising will yield hundreds of trusted networks that are looking for users to help generate traffic or host banners for them and this is where you can make a fortune.
Over 2015, imagine that you had earned $10,000 by hosting adverts on your website. Today that $10,000 will still be worth the same value, but if you had been paid out in Bitcoin and not spent it, it would now be worth over $25,000! That’s over 2.5x your return on investment for the exact same amount of work!
How to easily Earn Bitcoins by placing Advertisements on your Website:
By reading this article you have been persuaded into starting a new website or changing yours to make some real money online and are open to taking a punt on an e-currency that, while unpredictable, could offer huge returns for you, here are a few site networks to check out.

BTCClicks – Btcclicks is a PTC (paid to click) website where you can earn milli bitcoins for clicking on, and watching Ads. 
If you have something to promote, you can also purchase advertising through BTCclicks and has a referral site for secondary income when you tell your mates.

A-Ads – (former Anonymous Ads) is the oldest bitcoin advertising network on the internet, and they show bitcoin-based ads. They are among the first to trade traffic for cryptocurrency 

BitClix – BitClix is a simple and easy to use PTC (paid to click) platform for Advertisers and Earners. You can earn Bitcoin by clicking ads and advertise your website to Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency users. 

I hope that you have understand this article easily and now be able to earn the bitcoins easily.

Let me know if you have any problem regarding to this article. If you have any problem you can ask me in comment box. Thanks for reading the article. Stay Tuned for more articles.

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